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30-Year Mortgage Rate Deal of the Day: Ulster Savings Bank at 3.75%

Buying a new house is a big decision that takes years of preparing and saving for a home to call one’s own for years. And choosing the right lender who offers low mortgage interest rates makes the home loan process the important, affordable step it’s meant to be. People who pick the Ulster Savings Bank for their lending needs make the right decision when opting for a 30-year mortgage, now rated at a low 3.75%.

Mortgage Rate Terms and Conditions

The mortgage interest rate quoted is designed for an existing single-family home, used as a primary residence, located in Kingston, NY within Ulster County, for a maximum loan amount of $417,000 and an estimated property value of $595,000. Escrow (impound) accounts are required as part of the home loan process. A rate lock period is also available to borrowers for 60 days, whose credit score is 740.

About Ulster Savings Bank

The Ulster County Savings Institution was chartered by the New York State legislature in April 1851 and became the first savings bank in Ulster County, NY. Over 160 years later, Ulster Savings Bank continues to be a very healthy bank with a high net worth, strong capital and high quality assets. A  locally focused and operated bank, with several personal banking solutions for people from all walks of life, USB has locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

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