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6-Month CD Rate Deal of the Day: NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union at 0.76% APY

Everyone is familiar with the popular television brand, NBC. But did you know the company also offers financial services including certificate accounts at NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union? The credit union is currently offering its members a very competitive 0.76% APY on its 6-month CD rate. There’s no doubt that this is a deal you don’t want to miss.

6-Month CD Rate: Terms and Conditions

NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union is a proud financial institution that has been offering competitive CD rates, like its 6-month CD rate, for decades. If you want to enjoy the benefits of its competitive short-term CD account, you need to become a member then deposit a minimum of $1,000 to start earning.

One thing to note is that the credit union’s rates are subject to change at any time. Also, your account may be subject to a penalty if you withdraw your principal amount early.

About NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union

NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union is a federally-chartered financial institution that opened its doors to the public in 1975. The primary goal of the institution is to serve the financial needs of NBC employees, retirees and their families by offering higher dividends, lower interest rates on loans and new financial products and services regularly.

Members of NBC (N.Y.) Employees Credit Union have the benefit of knowing they are members for life. Also, they can rest assured that their funds are always secure thanks to federal insurance on deposits offered by the NCUA.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Additionally, rates may have changed since this offer was posted. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.