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12-Month CD Rate Deal of the Day: Greater Woodlawn Federal Credit Union at 0.75% APY

Opening a certificate of deposit with a credit union is another way of forging a partnership; in return for leaving their funds in an account for a select period of time, members are rewarded with higher CD interest rates and returns than they’d receive with a more standard savings account. Chautauqua County, N.Y. residents can strike this type of deal with the Greater Woodlawn Federal Credit Union, where a 0.75% APY can be found on a 12-month CD.

CD Interest Rates: Terms and Conditions

With a $2,500 minimum opening requirement, members can begin earning dividends from their 0.75% annual percentage yield — an interest rate that keeps depositors ahead of their finances. One of the highest CD interest rates available for a termed investment product of its kind, Greater Woodlawn Federal Credit Union’s 12-month CD, along with its other savings accounts, are also federally backed (up to $250,000) by the National Credit Union Administration.

About the Greater Woodlawn Federal Credit Union

A not-for-profit financial collective with a dedicated board of trustees, the Greater Woodlawn Federal Credit Union offers membership eligibility to people working for select employers, including Ford Motor Company employees in Buffalo, NY; the Blasdell Taxpayers Association; Taylor-Pohlman in Orchard Park, NY; and Dahlstrom Manufacturing in Jamestown, NY. In addition to its Blasdell flagship, the credit union also has locations in Lakewood and Dunkirk, NY.

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