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Deal of the Day: Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan at 1.99% APR

inner lakes federal credit union

Owning a car comes with a number of expenses, including gas, maintenance, repairs and, most of all, financing. Monthly car payments have to stay affordable; to achieve that, interest rates must be low for borrowers.

An Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union auto loan makes this happen — the Westfield, N.Y., credit union gives its members a chance to lock into a 1.99% APR on the purchase of a new car, for terms up to 36 months.

Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan: Terms and Conditions

The credit union’s lowest interest rate, 1.99% APR over 36 months, guarantees low monthly loan payments no matter how much Inner Lakes members might finance for a new vehicle (model years 2010-2013 apply). To qualify for this interest rate, prospective borrowers must display superior creditworthiness and credit history.

About Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union

Since it operates as a nonprofit (unlike traditional banks), Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union passes along each dollar of its income to its members in the form of higher dividends on savings, lower interest on loans, and new and improved services. Membership is open to employees of dozens of select companies. A full list is available on the credit union’s website.

An Inner Lakes Federal Credit Union auto loan helps save on car expenses.

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