New York Banking Rates

Guide to Finding the Best New York Interest Rates

Whether you’re interested in saving more money or you need a loan to buy a house or car, your top concern is likely the interest rate you receive. Rightly so, too, because New York interest rates have a lot to do with how much money is in your budget at the end of the month.

If you’re opening a bank account, a high interest rate is going to make your money work for you and help you reach your savings goals sooner. On the other hand, getting a low interest rate on a loan is key to saving on your next big purchase. So where can you find the best rates for all of these products and services? Below is a directory of all the interest rate information New York Banking Rates regularly tracks:

Highest Savings and CD Interest Rates in

If your bank accounts aren’t earning interest right now, you’re basically throwing away money. Why let your funds sit in the bank and do nothing when they could be steadily growing? Whether you need to keep your cash liquid or are willing to invest long-term for higher rates, you can find the highest earning accounts below:

Lowest Loan Interest Rates

Unlike deposit accounts, you want to find the lowest interest rate when it comes to getting a loan. Paying even a percentage point higher each month can equate to a loan that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars extra, depending on the principal amount. So if you’re making a major purchase like a car or home, be sure you don’t pay more than necessary.

New York Mortgages

Auto Loans

You should understand that while interest rates are important, there are a number of additional considerations to be made when choosing the best financial product for you. It may help to speak with a professional about an account or loan you’re considering.