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Savings Account Rate Deal of the Day: Port Washington Federal Credit Union at 0.752% APY

Opening a savings account is the first step to building a strong and stable financial foundation. For generations, a savings account has served as the way that most people began saving money. Unfortunately, in recent years many financial institutions have began lowering their offered rates on savings accounts.

However, some credit unions have decided to go against the trend and offer higher savings account rates, when their members need it most. That is why Port Washington Federal Credit Union is offering a high yielding savings account with a rate of 0.752% APY. Rates this high makes adding to a savings account or saving for that next big purchase much easier and effortless.

Savings Account Terms and Conditions

Port Washington Federal Credit Union has a number of savings options, all of which earn the above stated rate. The regular savings, the holiday savings, and the vacation savings accounts all offer the same great rate and privileges of membership, with slightly different terms.

The initial deposit required to open the regular savings account is $50, while the other accounts only require a $5 initial deposit (other requirements apply). With the holiday savings, a minimum term of 12 months is also required. The National Credit Union Administration insures these deposits for up to $250,000.

About Port Washington Federal Credit Union

Port Washington Federal Credit Union has been open since 1968. It has been servicing Port Washington, Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn, Sands Point and King’s Point by offering fantastic customer service and terrific financial products and services to anyone who lives, works, or worships in that area. With low rates on their consumer lending products, and high yields on their deposit accounts, Port Washington FCU has ensured the financial stability of its members for years to come.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Additionally, interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this offer was posted. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.