New York Banking Rates

Best New York Savings Account Rates: January 12, 2011

Just about everyone needs a savings account, and there are a variety of options for people living in New York. In fact, there are so many options, you may not know where to find the best savings account for you.

New York Banking Rates is completely free resource for people like you who are searching for the best rates in your area. We have put together data from thousands of financial institutions and highlighted the highest savings account rates to help you narrow down your options.

How to Get the Best Savings Interest Rates in New York

In order to determine whether a rate is really competitive with other offers in your area, you can begin by comparing it against the state average. Currently, the average savings account rate in New York is .38% APY.

Banks and Credit Unions with the Best Savings Rates in New York

In order to make finding the highest savings account rates in New York a little easier, we’ve listed the top rates in the area by type of financial institution:

Highest Savings Account Rate in New York

Walden Savings Bank: .85% APY

Next Top New York Local Bank Savings Account Rate:

Alma Bank: .75% APY

Top New York Credit Union Savings Account Rate:

Suma Yonkers Credit Union: 1.01% APY

If any of these rates interest you, or you’d like to see what else is available in your area, you can view our list of all the New York banks and contact information. Rates may change in the future, so check with the institution before opening an account.