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New York Savings Rates are on the Rise


, New York – July 15, 2011 – While national savings account interest rates have remained relatively flat in 2011, a recent rate analysis conducted by New York Banking Rates finds that savings account rates have actually increased over a six-month period. This data indicates that location plays an important role in earnings opportunities, and researching rates on a local level may make a difference in the ability to maximize savings.

The study examined a database of savings account interest rates at local banks and credit unions within a 50-mile radius of , from the period of January to June 2011, to determine whether they are trending up or down. The historical data has also been visually represented in an accompanying infographic of savings rates, along with state-by-state and national comparisons of current rates.

Savings Rates Rise by 0.24%

U.S. savings rates from January to June declined only 0.03%, representing almost no change over the past six months. Today’s national average rate is 0.34% APY.

savings rates, on the other hand, rose by 0.24%, making the average savings account rate in the city 0.71% APY in June.

These results are in stark contrast to the city with the highest average rate today at 0.71% APY, New York, which also boasts the largest jump in rates (0.24%) since January. San Francisco experienced the greatest loss over the six month period of 0.27%, but it’s Arlington that ranks last in terms of current average savings rate at just 0.08% APY.

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Amanda Paxson
Senior Web Producer