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Best New York Mortgage Rates: 15-Year Fixed

An easy way to pay less money for a new home is to secure a short loan. Beyond the purchase price and interest rate, both of which are important, the length of the loan can also affect how much you pay. That’s why 15-year fixed rate mortgages are a good choice if you’re concerned about this as they’re half as long as the common 30-year fixed rate mortgages. So the next time you’re researching the lowest mortgage rates, be sure to investigate current interest rates on these types of loan, too.

Lowest 15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in , New York

  • M.T.G. Capital: 3.750% APR
  • WCS Lending: 3.782% APR
  • EverBank: 3.782% APR
  • CapWest Mortgage: 3.799% APR
  • Aurora Bank: 3.814% APR

These rates are all based on a loan amount of $300,000 and are accurate as of 5/16/11. However, rates are subject to change in the future at the discretion of the individual lender. Further, you may be offered a different rate based on your credit. Please contact the lender to verify rates before applying for a loan.