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30-Year Mortgage Rate Deal of the Day: Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union at 3.57% APR

A new home purchase is a big life decision and takes plenty of consideration, not just for its cost, but for things like neighborhood safety, schools and other amenities. Choosing a home mortgage is no small task to consider, either, and can mean securing or passing on a home loan if the interest rate is too high. The Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union has kept this in mind for its members in New York state, offering a 3.57% APR for its 30-year, fixed mortgage rate.

Mortgage Rate Terms and Conditions

A fixed rate means security for homeowners; with a 30-year mortgage, their APR and monthly payments remain the same over the life of the home loan. The 3.57% quoted APR, according to the credit union website, includes a .50% reduction for members who pay their loans through automatic transfer from a share draft account of their choice. Rates apply for single-family, owner-occupied residences and are subject to credit union approval depending on an applicant’s credit standing.

About Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union

Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union was chartered by the National Credit Union Administration in October 1940 as the Newburgh Teacher’s Federal Credit Union. In 1985, the banking nonprofit changed its name to Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union and has grown from a single branch in Newburgh, N.Y., to eight branches in Orange County, and two in the Village of New Paltz. With personalized banking the credit union’s aim, members also have access to a range of other deposit and loan services to suit their financial needs.

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