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15-Year Mortgage Interest Rates Deal of the Day: Alternatives Federal Credit Union at 3.125%

Alternatives Federal Credit UnionMortgage interest rates are the make-or-break way to affording a new home. Even when a house’s list price is within a person’s budget, too-high rates can make their home loan’s  monthly payments just out of reach. Keeping loans accessible means making home ownership a reality with the Alternatives Federal Credit Union, whose alternate approach to lending is reflected proudly in its name, and with a 3.125% rate offered on its 15-year mortgage.

Mortgage Terms and Conditions

With a 15-year term, a shorter loan period is right for borrowers who wish to refinance or intend to stay in their home on a short-term basis. A fixed rate of 3.125% is ideal because interest added to a member’s monthly mortgage payment remains the same for the life of the loan, unaffected by market conditions. This loan’s exact percentage point may vary depending on an individual applicant’s credit score and history.

About Alternatives Federal Credit Union

Alternatives Federal Credit Union began as the Alternatives Fund — a community chest set up by local Ithaca, NY businesses — and became a chartered credit union in 1979. The second credit union in the nation to develop an Internet presence back in 1993, Alternatives offers a host of banking services, allowing every member to receive the financial solutions they need.

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