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Credit Card Fraud in New York, NY

It’s something you hear a lot about these days–credit card fraud and identity theft. Both can cost you thousands of dollars and take months or even years to straighten out. With thieves getting smarter every day, you need to protect yourself and your credit. Start with these steps.

Don’t Release Information

Credit card theft starts with your social security number. Make sure you don’t release information to people who don’t need it. Your employer, your doctor and insurance companies are prime examples of people who need your social security number. Your mechanic or cable provider doesn’t. Remember, a thief only need a few pieces of key information to steal your identity.

Work with People you Trust

New York Banking Rates works with Credit Card companies who spend a great deal of money to help protect against anyone trying to steal your credit card. Credit Card Fraud is unfortunately a wide-spread problem, and the best companies continue to improve their security to protect you. As they continue to work hard with our customers and the credit bureaus to prevent and reduce credit card fraud and save money, the lower credit card rates for consumers will go. Be sure to protect your identity and monitor your credit card activity to prevent identity theft, and catch it early in the event that it happens to you.