New York Banking Rates

Highest CD Rates in New York- November 12, 2010

There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing  certificate of deposit account, especially the interest rate. CD interest rates vary by location and financial institution depending on which CD term you chose, whether it is a short-term six month CD, or a one to two year CD that earns a higher rate. For this reason, finding an account with the highest CD rate that also meets your savings needs and goals is crucial to making a wise investment.

Typical CD Rates in New York

Knowing the average CD rate in your state will help you understand the realistic range of interest rates you’re likely to find, as well as pinpoint the truly outstanding offers. Right now, the average 6-month CD rate in New York is 0.78% APY, while the average 12-month CD interest rate is 1.02% APY and two year CDs come in at 1.39% APY. There are plenty of banks and credit unions in New York that beat these rates, however–you just have to know where to find them.

Banks and Credit Unions with the Best New York CD Rates

The following are the NY banks and credit unions that offer CD rates well above the state average: Highest 2 year CD rate in NY

  • Montauk Credit Union at 1.90% APY

Best 1 year CD rate in NY

  • Neighborhood Trust Credit Union at 1.50% APY

Top 6 month CD rate in NY

  • Eastbank, National Association at 1.01% APY

If you would like to open a CD account with one of the above banks, view the directory of New York banks for contact information so you can begin growing your savings today.

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