New York Banking Rates

The Best New York CD Rates

“Strike while the iron is hot.”  When it comes to choosing a bank to do business with, this bit of advice rings true. Below you will find a list of the best CD rates that can be found in New York. In addition, always keep in mind that there are penalties for early withdrawal from CD accounts. To be sure about your decision when choosing between a CD account and a savings account, consider what you plan to do with the money after it reaches maturity. Does your plan have an estimated date of launch? Is that date in the distant future? If so, then a CD account is probably the right one for you. Find below the best New York CD rates that are available.

New York CD Rates

, New York 6 Month CD Accounts

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, New York 12 Month CD Accounts

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,  New York 24 Month CD Accounts

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These New York CD rates are accurate as of June 8, 2011. Please see the financial institution about any changes and additional fees.