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6-Month CD Rate Deal of the Day: Visions Federal Credit Union at 0.70% APY

Finding a great CD rate when it is most needed is a treat many individuals wish to experience. Visions Federal Credit Union offers this opportunity to current and future members with a competitive 0.70% APY on its 6-month CD rate.

6-Month CD Rate: Terms and Conditions

Visions Federal Credit Union is providing members with the opportunity to take advantage of its Superior Rate by opening a CD account today.

In order to earn at the advertised 6-month CD rate, individuals must deposit a minimum of $500, then maintain this amount over the duration of the term. Dividends are compounded daily and credited monthly. Withdrawals prior to maturity will incur a penalty on the portion withdrawn, or the entire balance if that balance falls below the minimum balance.

About Visions Federal Credit Union

Visions Federal Credit Union operates as a non-profit financial institution that is completely owned by its members and organized for the economic benefit of the communities it serves. Individuals who are eligible to join the credit union include some New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents.

The credit union offers a number of services, including deposit accounts, mortgage loans, investment options and online services. The credit union is also backed by the NCUA, which means all deposits are federally insured for up to $250,000.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Additionally, interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this offer was posted. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.