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24-Month CD Rate Deal of the Day: Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union at 0.75% APY

Twin Rivers Federal Credit UnionIn today’s financial times, saving money is more important than ever before. CD rates — which yield higher dividends with lower risk — are the ideal way for anyone to build up a nest egg big or small. With the Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union, it’s possible. The New York State nonprofit now gives 0.60% APY interest on its federally insured, 2-year certificate of deposit.

24-Month CD Rates: Terms and Conditions

A minimum balance to begin obtaining Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union’s advertised annual percentage yield is $1,000. After the CD’s 24-month has matured, all funds, including accrued dividends from CD rates, become available to the account holder. Protected by the National Credit Union Administration, all deposits up to and including $250,000 per depositor are also federally insured.

About Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union

The Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union was established in 1970 for employees of the Reynolds Metals Company and their families. Today the credit union has a community charter serving anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school, is in business, or any other legal entities within St. Lawrence County, NY. Offering a wealth of savings and loan products for people of all ages, the credit union provides services like a 55+ Club, the Kirby Kangaroo Club for young savers, and a host of Visa cards, holiday savings and direct deposit programs.

Earn high dividends with CD rates.

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