New York Banking Rates

Locating the Best 24-Month CD Rates in New York, NY: March 2011

If you live in , New York and are interested in opening a 2 Year CD account, there are a few factors you’ll need to examine before choosing the best account for you. Things like the minimum balance required and term length of your CD are important, but the interest rate offered is likely your top concern.

Longer term lengths generally yield higher CD rates, which is probably why you’re interested in a 24-month CD. That doesn’t necessarily mean every 2 year CD rate is good, however. New York Banking Rates can help familiarize you with the rates available in and find the rates that are truly competitive for the area.

Average 2 Year CD Rates in

Since New York Banking Rates compiles rates information from financial institutions within a 50-mile radius of , there are a lot of numbers to sift through. In fact, there is currently a total of [accountcount type=”24″] CD accounts with a term length of 2 years to choose from. However, if you know the average 24-month CD rate in , you can weed out low rates.

Today, the highest 24-month CD rate we have on record in is [accountlist type=”24″ order=”desc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY, while the lowest is [accountlist type=”24″ order=”asc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY. The average of these rates and all others available in and around is [accountaverage type=”24″] APY.

Now that you know how high the average 2 year CD rate in should be, you can easily determine which offers are good and which ones are too low to really grow your money.

You can also view CD rates for other term lengths, like 6 months or 1 year, by visiting the CD Rates page.