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12-Month CD Rates Deal of the Day: Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union at 1.0000% APY

Investing in a certificate of deposit (CD) involves picking a financial institution that believes in offering its customers financial security, but anyone who has opened a certificate account knows finding competitive CD rates is crucial, as well. The good news is Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union is revered for being a reputable institution and offers fantastic rates to boot. Currently, the establishment is providing its members with a hard-to-beat 1.0000% APY with its 12-month certificate account.

CD Rates: Terms and Conditions

Getting your hands on the fantastic CD rates from Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union is as easy as opening the account and depositing the $25,000 minimum balance. Once funds have been deposited, the funds are ready to begin earning interest. If principal dollars are withdrawn prior to maturity, the account could face an early withdrawal penalty.

About Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union

Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union, chartered in 1976, was organized to provide financial advice along with a competitively priced line of financial products and services. Membership is open to employees as well as elected and appointed officials of a variety of local government units in the State of New York.

Members who deposit funds with Tompkins Employees Federal Credit Union know their money is safe thanks to federal insurance of up to $250,000 per depositor provided by the NCUA. The credit union’s location is found in Ithaca, New York.

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